3-axis positioner tables

The new Firo piece positioner tables are efficient and safe work stations for ergonomic handling of workpieces. The positioner table lifts, rotates and tilts the workpiece into an optimal position for welding, grinding, drilling or painting. The new Firo positioner table is well suited for assembly work as well.

The tabletop has a T-groove and a centring groove for solid and exact fastening of the piece. The new Firo positioner table is equipped with a stepless height, rotation and tilting control. The HHT positioner table’s height adjustment does not alter the tilt of the tabletop. With the LTT models a piece can be lifted and lowered as well as rotated horizontally and vertically 360 degrees. The correct work posture and right workpiece position which all models offer increase efficiency and productivity by up to 70% and an average of about 30%. Also, the quality of work is significantly improved.

All models are by default equipped with a remote control and a foot pedal.

The model-specific torque charts and technical information found on the product pages will help in choosing the needed size. When choosing a table particular attention should be paid to the adequacy of the tilting torque.

The basic technology of our range enables customer-specific customisations as well. These include, among others, various head and tail stock i.e. grill-type applications for long workpieces and extended LTT models.