New Firo piece positioner equipment

New Firo piece positioner equipment’s have been manufactured over thirty years. Users include engineering workshops and other industrial businesses. We have supplied more than 1,500 units so far, around 70% of which have been exported to over 15 different countries.

The benefits of a piece positioner turntable are undisputable. A correctly positioned workpiece substantially increases productivity and quality and makes production faster, while improving occupational safety and work ergonomy. This will make working rewarding and motivating.

On a NewFiro positioned table the workpiece only has to be fixed in place once for it to be completed.
The positioner turntable enables the user to lift, rotate and tilt the workpiece into an optimal position for welding, grinding, drilling or painting. The table also makes assembly tasks easier and faster. The positioner table is equipped with a remote control and a stepless height, rotation and tilting controls.

All NewFiro equipment can be tailored to meet the client’s particular needs.