Saw unit for Naarva S23 harvester

Ø 30 cm chain saw cutting


  • Quick Ø 30 cm chain saw cutting
  • Easy to switch to the place of Naarva S23 cutting guillotine, just disconnect 2 bolts and 3 hoses

chain saw cutting for large wood

You can replace Naarva S23 cutting guillotine with a chain saw unit. Harvester equipped with a saw unit is called Naarva S23C stroke harvester. Maximum cutting diameter is Ø 30 cm (12″). Saw unit mounts to the place of the guillotine. Replacing guillotine with a saw and vice versa is easy. You only have to disconnect three hoses and two bolts.

Technical information

Product C30 saw unit for S23 stroke harvester 
Ø 30 cm (12") 
Cutting time  1 s ( oil flow 55 l / min, 170 bar) 
Contents  16" saw bar, 2 mm chain with 58 links, saw unit frame, 5 cc saw engine, required
hydraulic hoses and valves. 
Control  Operated hydraulically from S23 or S23C valve block. 
Weight  90 kg