S23C saw unit


  • Replace the S23 guillotine unit with a cutting saw unit
  • Fast cutting, Ø 30 cm
  • Cutting hard wood

Suitable for

  • Naarva S23 stroke harvester

Switch S23 guillotine to quick saw cutting!

Naarva S23 and S23C cutting unit structure is modular. You can easily switch between a guillotine or a saw unit. You only need to disconnect two hoses and bolts, replace the unit and reconnect hoses and bolts.

Saw unit for S23C was especially designed for the simple and lightweight stroke harvester. Cutting is fast, but requires only 40 l / min oil flow. Saw is also suitable for cutting hard wood.

Technical information

Model S23C saw unit
Saw bar length 43 cm
Maximum cutting diameter 30 cm