Naarva PLC-controlling

Logic control for Naarva felling heads

Affordable control for the Naarva E32, K32 and EH25 models when no harvester head control system is available on the basic machine.


  • Well suited for Naarva accumulating felling heads installations to excavators.
  • Basic machine pump control.
  • Optional adjustable auto functions
    • Automatic use of accumulating grippers in cutting and felling.
    • Automatic cutting blade delay when the guillotine arms are closed.
    • "Pump on" time to return the guillotine and close the accumulating grapples.
    • Counter for cuttings
  • A four-line small screen or monitor can also be transferred to an Android tablet via Bluetooth
  • Interchangeable solid state relays for every function
  • Optional hydraulic boom control
  • The program can be modified according to the customer's wishes and program changes can be easily made with an inexpensive EEPROM memory stick.
  • Different joystick and buttons models available:
    • Joystick handles with different button combinations - left, right, or both.
    • Buttons in two 9 cm long aluminum cases. 4 + 4 buttons or 5 + 5 buttons as needed.
    • Mini buttons for mini handles.
    • Logic control can also be delivered to the customer's own buttons on the base machine.

Suitable for

  • Naarva for K32, K28 E32, EX32, E28, EX28 and EH25 models
  • Can be installed on excavators, harvesters and forwarders.
  • Available for 12V and 24V.
  • Rotator control as needed and hydraulic extension boom control optional.