A traditional stroke harvester

for tractors and 5-8 ton excavators


  • Felling and delimbing
  • Easy installation, no additional hydraulics
  • Effortless and durable guillotine cutting, 25 cm
  • Adjustable grip force of the delimbing blades
  • Two stroke movement speeds
  • Radio control option
  • Automatic stroke feeding (with relays) option.

Suitable for

  • First thinning
  • Firewood timber
  • Energy wood harvesting
  • Integrated harvesting

An economic stroke harvester

The Naarva stroke harvester is a reliable and efficient tool for forest owners and small contractors. It is designed for use in first thinning, production of firewood timber, and energy wood harvesting. Delimbing facilitates integrated harvesting also. With a stroke harvester, the first thinning is completed productively and without damaging the forest. The head is only 80 cm wide in the felling position, which makes it easy to operate in young forests. Radio control also allows for the free rotation of the grapple, which contributed to the ease of working in tight and narrow places such as first-thinning forests.

An effortless and durable guillotine solution

A patented guillotine with a 25 cm cutting diameter is used for cutting. When cutting, grippers close around the tree and an 8 mm blade made of wear-resistant steel cuts through the tree. The cutting surface is smooth and even because the trees are always cut against the grippers. The guillotine slides along a sliding bar and puts no strain on the other structures of the stroke harvester regardless of the thickness of the cut trees.

The blade is not easily damaged or lose its sharpness, which means that the trees can be cut very close to the ground. Low stumps do not damage the tyres of the tractor and no valuable wood is left in the forest. The maintenance of Naarva stroke harvesters mainly consists of greasing the joints.

Technical information

Factory code S25
Weight 300 kg
Delimbing diameter 5-25 cm
Delimbing speed 0.5 - 0.7 m/s
Opening 90 cm
Delimbing force 10 kN - 21 kN
Cutting diameter*, power, and speed** Max cutting: Ø25 cm Cutting force: 108 kN Cutting time: 1.7 s
Required hydraulic pressure 170 - 200 bar
Required oil flow 40 - 70 l/min.
Crane load capacity Recommended 40 kNm, minimum 30 kNm
Warranty 12 months or 1000 hours
Control system 4-button cable control
Voltage 12V or 24V
* The max. cutting diameter is approx. 30% lower for hard wood (such as oak and beech). ** Oil flow 55 l/min and pressure 180 bar All provided values are approximations. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the products. 04/2011.
  • Radio control with various control options
  • Automatic delimbing strokes by relays
  • Extension boom for 5-8 ton excavators, 1 m reach.
  • Cejn Flat face quick connectors
  • Finn-Rotor rotators
  • Links for the rotator
  • Spare part packages
    • The basic wear and tear part package includes rubber dampers, seal kits, valve connectors
    • The comprehensive kit includes the same as the basic kit as well as two valves and a hose set.