Naarva LoRa radio control

Suitable for all Naarva K23, K25, K32, E23, E25 and S25 models

The new Naarva LoRa radio control is implemented with “Long Range” technology and is specially designed for Naarva machines. It is possible to connect various control buttons to the transmitter. With Naarva machines, there are 4 buttons in the aluminum case or "harvester" buttons suitable for mini handles. The radio can also be delivered to suit the customer's own buttons. The receiver operates on 12V or 24V DC without any changes and the transmitter can be controlled in the DC voltage range 9 - 35V. The transmitter has a two-color LED that indicates the battery status of the receiver in five steps. Batteries can never be used too low. Battery charge monitoring also works automatically for 12V and 24V batteries. The radio has 4 channels, ie 4 on / off functions for controlling valve solenoids with durable solid state relays. The DIP switches of the receiver and transmitter make it possible to select the device ID to identify the transmitter and receiver, as well as some automatic functions for different Naarva machines. For special applications, the Naarva LoRa radio is also available with 8 channels in the same enclosures. Naarva LoRa radio controlling is suitable for Naarva K23, K25, K32, E23, E25 and S25 models.


  • 4 control buttons and transmitter in a separate housing, 2-3 m cable and power cord
  • Receiver, 10A fuse, 12V battery and wiring in the sheet metal housing
  • Spare battery 12V 12-14Ah
  • Battery charger. 230V – 12V
  • Inverter 300W 230VAC – 12VDC or 230VAC -24VDC
    (With inverter you can charge batteries in the cabin or in the car)
    The battery is easy and fast to change. One battery lasts for 5-25 hours.