Naarva H60

Firewood splitter


The Naarva H60 is a powerful firewood splitter specially designed for large and power-demanding logs. The blade that chops into 24 parts is designed to make effective use of the splitting force. The splitting takes place in five stages, and the placement and angles of the blades prevent the wood parts from getting stuck in the blade.

The multi-piece blade also breaks down smaller logs, even if the blade height is not adjusted from time to time.

The large cylinder performs easy splits quickly with a force of 9 tons and a quick stroke (with a 180 bar), and when more force is needed, the movement slows down and the force increases to 22 tons. If even that is not enough, the pressure booster momentarily increases the pressure by 1.7 times, providing up to 37 tons of force.

Technical information

Log handling with crane or loader  Weight 850 kg.   Max. log length  62 cm.
 Length / Width 245 cm / 104 cm   Max. splitting grid diameter  Ø65 cm
Four-stage splitting grid Splitting for 24 pcs.  Adjustable splitting grid height 50/55/60 cm.
 Hydraulic cylinder 125/80 mm Stroke length 65 cm.  Three speeds and forces  Max. 200 bar.
 Splitting force with pressure 180 bar. 22 tons.  Automatic speed and force
 Splitting force with pressure booster 37 tons.  Force with high speed  9 tons.
 Cycle time with high force.  11 s. (70 l/min)   Cycle time with low force  7 s. (70 l/min)
Pivoted extendable support leg  Three-point attachment
 Controlling  Tractor hydraulics  Directional valve from tractor.  Not included

Bag rack is an optional accessory.