for forwarders, small harvesters and 8-15 ton excavators


  • Stable handling even with large bundles
  • Excellent loading properties
  • Efficient guillotine cutting 28 cm
  • Easy installation

Suitable for

  • Energy wood harvesting
  • Small wood harvesting by accumulation
  • Clearing of electricity lines, road sides and field edges

Efficient for various uses

The robust Naarva EL28 energy wood head is suitable for felling, collecting, loading and cutting wood. The maximum cutting is Ø 28 cm. The multi-tree accumulating grippers increase the productivity significantly. Collecting bundles up-right speeds up the work and reduces crane movements.

Naarva EL28 is suitable for forwarders, small harvesters and 8-15 ton excavators. It is easy to install and quick to set up. The innovative and reliable guillotine cuts the tree in just one stroke. The splitting mark is neat and even. The blade is not easily damaged or dulled, so the stumps can be cut close to the ground. Short stumps are gentle with the forest machine’s tyres and no wood for sale is left in the stump.

Simple control system, radio control as an option

Naarva EL28 is controlled with the grapple’s own functions and with cable control with three buttons. When first installed, the control cable needs to be pulled from the Naarva wood head into the machine’s cab and the buttons attached to the crane controls in the appropriate position.

The optional radio control replaces the electricity cable. With Naarva LoRa radio control, it is possible to control 1-4 valves simultaneously. The transmitter is available with buttons placed in an aluminium case or with mini buttons suitable for the mini handle. The transmitter can also be connected to the base machine’s own buttons, in which case the transmitter is delivered ready for installation with a 5-pin cable. The controller is suitable for use in both 12V and 24V DC systems without modification. The operating voltage may be different in the transmitter and receiver.


Technical information

Model EL28
Weight 550 kg
Height 105 cm
Cutting diameter Max. cutting: Ø 28cm
Cutting speed 1,4 s (oil flow 90 l / min)
Dimensions of the hydraulic system R3/8 and R1/2
System pressure MAX 200 bar
Hydraulic pump recommendation 50-90  l / min
Control valve required from the base machine Grapple open/close function
Control Control cable and 3 buttons in aluminium case or radio control as an option. The main valve is the grapples open/close function's valve.
Electric valves 12 or 24 V
Warranty 12 months or 1 000 hours