Accumulating energy wood head

for harvesters and 10-20 ton excavators


  • Stable handling even with large and high bundles
  • Efficient guillotine cutting, 28-32 cm
  • Suitable for various base machines and steering systems
  • Radio control option
  • Stump treatment as an accessory

Suitable for

  • Energy wood harvesting by accumulation
  • Small wood harvesting in bundles
  • Clearing of electricity lines, roadsides and field edges

Productivity for professionals

The modular structure of the Naarva grapple and the various frame, guillotine, and accumulating grip size options facilitate customisation based on the base machine and the intended purpose.

Hydraulic system and controls of Naarva E32 can be easily customised to be compatible with the control system of most base machines. The Naarva control system is also available as an option. Rotator can also be controlled by a valve in the grapple. Both guillotine options can be equipped with a stump treatment equipment.

Accumulating gripper options

Basic – low structure and large capacity

  • Wide accumulating grip for larger tree groups or bushes
  • Low structure is suitable for parallel cranes
  • Opening 90 cm

Extra high – for longer stems

  • Stable handling with long stems and bundles
  • Better suitability for sliding booms and knuckle boom cranes.
  • Opening 90 cm

Guillotine options

Robust – maximum power for cutting

  • Traditional Naarva guillotine
  • Two-phase cutting
    1. Grippers close around the tree
    2. Cutting cylinder pushes the blade through the wood
  • Max. cutting 32 cm

Quick – productivity with smaller trees

  • New innovative Naarva guillotine
  • Cutting with one movement
    1. Grippers close around the tree and force the blade through the wood
  • Max. cutting 28 cm
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32
Naarva E32

Technical information

Robust guillotine, basic accumulating gripper Robust guillotine, extra high accumulating gripper Quick guillotine, basic accumulating gripper Quick guillotine, extra high accumulating gripper
Factory code E32 EX32 E28 EX28
Weight 560 kg 600 kg 560 kg 600 kg
Height in felling position 122 cm 165 cm 126 cm 169 cm
Opening of loading grapple/accumulating grippers 90 cm / 90 cm 90 cm / 90 cm 90 cm / 90 cm 90 cm / 90 cm
Cutting diameter*, force and time ** Max cutting: Ø 32 cm Cutting force: 140 kN Cutting time: 1.7 - 2.2 s Max cutting: Ø 28cm Cutting force: 60 kN Cutting time: 0.8 s
Required pressure 170-200 bar
Required oil flow 80 - 160 l/min
Warranty 12 months or 1000 hours
Control system Base machines own controls or Naarva control system
Voltage 12V or 24V
* The max. cutting diameter is approx. 30% lower for hard wood (such as oak and beech). ** With oil flow 160 l/min All provided values are approximations. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the products. 04/2011.
  • Radio control with various transmitter options
  • Hydraulic system for one-way harvester hydraulics. Hydraulic system for two-way hydraulics is also available.
  • Extension boom for 10-20 ton excavators, also hydraulic extension boom with 1,5 m stroke
  • Quick coupling set
  • Rotator
  • Suitable link for rotator
  • Hose sets
  • Spare part packages
    • Basic wear and tear part package including rubber dumpers, coils, valve connectors, seal kits for cylinders, accumulating gripper springs.
    • Wide spare part package including basic package and spare parts for valves
    • Pro package including wide spare part package and spare cylinders