Accumulating energy wood head

for tractors and 5-8 ton excavators


  • Light and efficient
  • Excellent loading capabilities
  • Effective guillotine cutting, 23 cm
  • Easy installation, no additional hydraulics or hosing
  • Radio control option

Suitable for

  • Energy wood harvesting
  • Small wood harvesting by accumulation
  • Clearing of power lines, road sides and field edges

Efficiency for all purposes

Naarva E23 is easy to mount to the place of loading grapple. No extra hydraulics are required. Accumulating grippers increase productivity remarkably. Naarva guillotine is light weight but is able to cut very large trees. Loading trees with E20 is just like using a regular loading grapple.

Accumulating gripper options

High – for tall stems

  • Stable handling of tall stem groups
  • A narrower structure, better handling in thick forest
  • Opening 65 cm
  • Distance between loading grapple and accumulating unit 75 cm

Wide – for tree bundles and bushes

  • A wide accumulating grip for larger tree groups and bushes
  • Efficient clearing of roadsides
  • Opening 90 cm
  • Distance between loading grapple and the accumulating unit 43 cm



Strong – maximum cutting power

  • Traditional Naarva-guillotine
  • A two-phase cutting:
    1. Grippers close around the tree
    2. Cutting cylinder pushes the blade through the tree
  • Max. cutting Ø23 cm.
  • Hydraulic valves in the guillotine

Technical information

High accumulating grippers, strong guillotine Wide accumulating grippers, strong guillotine
Factory code E23 EL23
Weight 260 kg 280 kg
Height in felling position 120 cm 90 cm
Grapple / accumulating gripper opening 60 cm / 65 cm 60 cm / 90 cm
Cutting diameter*, force and time** Max cutting: Ø 23cm Cutting force: 95 kN Cutting time: 1.8 s
Required pressure 170-200 bar
Required oilflow 40-70 l/min
Warranty 12 months or 1000 hours
Control system Cable control with 3 buttons
Voltage 12V or 24V
* The max. cutting diameter is approx. 30% lower for hard wood (such as oak and beech). ** With 70 l/min oil flow All provided values are approximations. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the products. 04/2011.
  • Radio control with various transmitter options
  • Extension boom for 5-8 ton excavator
  • Cejn Flat face quick couplings
  • Finn-Rotor rotators
  • Suitable link for rotator
  • Spare part packages
    • Basic wear and tear part package including seal kits, rubber dumper, valve connectors
    • Wide spare part package including basic package + spare parts for valves and complete hose set