Guillotine Ø23 cm.

For Naarva S23C stroke harvester head.


  • Effective and robust S23 guillotine. Max. cutting Ø20 -23 cm
  • The cutting blade cuts through the entire tree.
  • The cutting surface is clean and even.
  • Robust 8 mm Hardox-steel blade.
  • Quick cutting
  • Cutting against a durable hook. The guillotine slides during cutting and returns by a spring. Despite the high cutting force (above 100 kN), the light weight stroke harvester head's body is only lightly loaded
  • Splitting wedges as an accessory
  • "Cutting blade home"-sensor included for measuring device installation

Suitable for

  • As an accessory for the Naarva S23C stroke harvester. Easy to replace the saw with just three hoses.
  • Suitable for working environments where the saw chain becomes dull quickly; Roadside trees, storm felled trees, etc
  • Firewood harvesting
  • Energy wood harvesting
  • First thinnings
  • pulp wood harvesting

The Naarva S23 guillotine is a carefree and reliable alternative to saw cutting. The guillotine’s 8 mm Hardox blade does not wear easily and the guillotine can be safely immersed in the base of the tree under the snow in winter conditions. The sturdy steel housing withstands knocks and the piston rod of the cutting cylinder is always protected inside the housing. Contaminants from trees felled by the storm do not cause problems and trees can be felled even in rocky terrain. The guillotine is easy to interchange with the Naarva S23C motor saw: The guillotine is mounted on a rail and three hoses are connected. (In the Naarva S23 stroke harvester, the guillotine is connected with only two hoses). The blade of the S23 guillotine has three holes ready for the installation of splitting wedges sold as accessories. With the Naarva S23 guillotine you can make firewood straight upright, to the a sack or trailer. One delimbing stroke of S23 harvester head produces approx. 48 cm length of firewood, and with the help of optional stroke limiter rods you can make 25 – 35 cm of firewood.

Technical information

Product S23 cutting device. Ø23 cm guillotine.
Maximum cutting diameter Open hook Ø20 cm. (8 "). Able to cut 23 cm (9") when pushed to the base of the tree. For hard wood species, the max. cutting diameter can be about 30% smaller.
Cutting force and time 108 kN (170 bar.) 1,7 s. (55 l/min)
Accesories Splitting wedges with three bolts to the cutting blade and stroke limiting rods for 25 - 35 cm firewood
Weight 90 kg.