Extension boom ready to assemble JPK 23 AND JPK 25

for 5-8 ton excavators


  • Extension boom with 1,2 or 1,5 meter reach
  • Ready to Assemble
  • Support foot facilitates moving with the excavator

Extension boom package

The extension boom is delivered on three parts.

Naarva heads can”t be mounted to excavators directly to the place of a bucket (except for Naarva EV28 felling head). Strain from digging boom would damage the head too easily. Naarva heads must be hanging from a rotator and a link. For the rotator and link you need some extension to hang them from. We provide Naarva extension booms for 5‐8 ton excavators (we also provide stronger booms with reinforced structure for 8‐15 ton excavators). The extension is 1,2 meters long to ensure long reach. Our extension boom also includes a support foot. Support foot makes it easier to move around and helps turning with the excavator.

The foot and the boom extension are installed to the midpart with included M24 bolts, washers and Nylock-nuts.

Extension boom to the place of the bucket.

Extension boom mounts like a digging bucket. It is available with all most common bucket coupling types (S40, S45, NTP10 etc.) Suitable coupling part for example S40 is installed to the boom with bolts. Coupling type must be confirmed when ordering an extension boom.

Double safety valve

Excavator has high pressure and that could damage the Naarva and rotator. That is why the
pressure is reduced with a double safety valve to 170‐200 bar.

6‐way valve

You need two way hydraulics to control Naarva and the rotator. Naarva harvesters and felling
heads require a directional valve for control. In excavators there is a valve for tilting
the bucket sideways. This valve can be used for control of Naarva. Rotator also requires a directional valve. So you need a directional valve for Naarva and a directional valve for rotator. Most excavators don”t have an extra valve for the control of rotator. That”s when we install a 6‐way valve that guides the oil flow to rotator instead of Naarva when a button is pressed.

Extension boom package includes:

  • Boom parts, bolts and nuts
  • Extension boom with 1,2 or 1,5 meter extension and a support foot
  • Suitable coupling for the boom
  • Rotator
  • Swing damper for the rotator
  • Safety valve 180-200 bar
  • 6/2 control valve for rotator control

TeChnical Specifications:

JPK 23

Length 203 cm Reach 1,2 m
Machines: Naarva S23, S23C and felling heads

JPK 25

Length 252 cm
Reach 1,5 m
Machines: Naarva S25