Stroke harvesters
S models

The first Naarva stroke harvester was introduced back in 1995. The current models are the result of a long product development process, based on extensive feedback from a wide range of users. Naarva stroke harvesters are specifically designed for agricultural tractors and small excavators.

Naarva stroke harvesters are reliable and efficient harvester heads for first thinnings. They can be used to harvest pulpwood, energy wood and firewood. The S23C stroke harvester is also suitable for logging.

Naarva stroke harvesters require only 40–70 l / min oil flow. They can be mounted on the tractor without additional hydraulics.

Electricity-free stroke harvester suitable for tractors and excavators

Naarva S23 and S23C are lightweight, budget friendly and electricity-free stroke harvesters, of which we have already manufactured well over 900 units. The harvesting head is operated by a grapple open/closed valve and no other controls are required. The stroke harvesters can be equipped with a battery-powered automatic delimbing system and a length and diameter measuring device. One stroke is 0,5 m.

Larger S25 model with longer stroke

The larger S25 is particularly suitable for excavators. It weighs 300 kg and has a 100 cm stroke. The longer stroke makes the harvester more productive.

The functions are operated by one directional valve and four push buttons. For first installation, only the cable needs to be mounted on the crane boom and the control buttons in the cabin. The pushbutton functions are cutting, tilt, delimbing stroke and fast delimbing. S25 models can be equipped with automatic pruning and/or a reliable LoRa radio control.