Felling heads
K models

Naarva K models are reliable combinations of a felling head and a loading grapple. They are suitable for all kinds of clearing and thinning operations. Naarva felling head is quick to install in the place of the crane’s own loading grapple or harvester head without additional hydraulics or hoses.

  • K models facilitate easy felling, collecting, cutting, and loading of trees, bushes, and branches.
  • Suitable for e.g. first thinning, removal of problem trees, clearing of electricity and gas lines as well as road and railway sides.
  • Easy to install and use, suitable for various base machines
    • In the hydraulic solution, the base machine’s own open/close-function is used to change the direction of the movement. Three control buttons are used to select the function: tilting, cutting, or grapple locking.
    • All that needs to be done is to install a cable in the boom and control button panel into the crane control lever at the cabin.
  • Installation is even easier with the optional radio control
  • A versatile harvesting equipment for truck loader cranes