Pentin Paja Oy is a family-owned company established in 1982; the company is specialised in developing and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for small wood handling. The company sells over 10 different models of stroke harvesters, felling heads, energy wood heads, and uprooters under the Naarva brand name. The Naarva product family offers equipment for base machines of all machine manufacturers: tractors, forestry machines, excavators and trucks. Naarva products are used for various purposes, including energy wood harvesting, first thinning, removal of problem trees, cleaning of seedling stands, as well as for clearing of road shoulders and field edges. We have delivered Naarva products to over 30 countries. Our major export countries are Sweden, Austria, Norway, Germany and Canada.

Our core strength is our own product development. We try to keep things adequately simple and easily workable from the technical aspect. Moreover, the core of our product design has always been practicality and durability of the products.

The company started its business in a small village called Naarva, Ilomantsi. Today we have production facilities in Ilomantsi and Joensuu. The company has 2000 m2 of production areas.

At the beginning of 2020, NewFiro merged into Pentin Paja Oy. In 2020, net sales were approximately EUR 2 million and there are 17 employees.