Naarva H60
Firewood splitter

Technical specifications
Log handling with crane or loader  Weight 850 kg.   Max. log length    62 cm.
 Length / Width   245 cm  /   104 cm   Max. splitting grid diameter  Ø65 cm
Four-stage splitting grid Splitting for 24 pcs.  Adjustable splitting grid height 50/55/60 cm.
 Hydraulic cylinder  125/80 mm Stroke length 65 cm.  Three speeds and forces  Max. 200 bar.
 Splitting force with pressure 180 bar. 22 tons.    Automatic speed and force  
 Splitting force with pressure booster

37 tons.

 Force with high speed

 9 tons.
 Cycle time with high force.  11 s. (70 l/min)   Cycle time with low force  7 s.  (70 l/min)
Pivoted extendable support leg    Three-point attachment  
 Controlling  Tractor hydraulics  Directional valve from tractor.  Not included



Bag rack is an optional accessory.

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