for harvesters and 8-15 ton excavators


  • Squeezes seedlings between its rubber jaws and roots them of the ground 

suitable for

  • Cleaning seedling stands
  • Clearing power and gas pipe lines, headlands, field edges and bushes

uprooting spruce, YOUTUBE-VIDEO

Uprooting railroads, youtube-video

Mechanized cleaning of seedling stands

The Naarva uprooter is a revolutionary invention for mechanical cleaning of seedling stands and clearing of power lines, railway and road bed shoulders. Naarva uprooter presses
unwanted saplings between rubbers with its jaws and roots them out of the ground.

Uprooting beats manual cleaning with clearing saw in every way. Seedling stand has to be treated only once, and unwanted seedlings dry out. Since there is no competition of unwanted saplings in the planting site, the spruce and pine seedlings have more nutrients and grow much faster in length and diameter.

In good conditions the working rate for Naarva P25 is 4 hours per hectare. Average 6,2 h/ hectare. Costs of cleaning can be halved with Naarva uprooter.

Benefits of uprooting

  • Seedlings grow much faster in diameter and length because there is no competition from unwanted seedlings.
  • No sprouts, and work can be performed throughout the whole period of unfrozen soil.
  • Drying and breaking of roots prevents the establishment of unwanted seedlings.
  • The costs of stand management can be halved.
  • Stump sprouts and all unwanted seedlings are disposed with one treatment. Only one uprooting is required before first thinning.

(Growth comparison of uprooted and manually cleaned spruce stands. Koneellinen metsänhoito, Mikael Kukkonen, 2013, Kopijyvä Oy)

(Cost comparison. Koneellinen metsänhoito, Mikael Kukkonen, 2013, Kopijyvä Oy)


Technical specifications
 Model P25 
 Weight  590 kg
 Uprooted area
with one stroke
 2 m2

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