Felling head for excavator
Suitable for +13 ton excavators


  • Felling, loading and cutting trees.
  • Large grip opening 158 cm (5'2'')áfor grabbing bushes.
  • Strong grip with 7 armsáis capable of handling big trees
  • Maximum cutting diameter 32 cm (1 foot)
  • Weight 990 kg (2180 lbs)

fixed felling head for an excavator

Easy to mount to the place of a bucket. Tree shear is available with several bucket adapters (S60, NTP10, Lehnhoff, Gjerstad etc.). Naarva guillotine isávery strongáand durable. Large grip helps grabbing big bushes with a single grab.

Recommended oil flow is 80 l / min
Maximum pressure 250 bar
Warranty 12 months or 1000 hours
Control with 4/3 directional valve from base machine. Accumulating grips require additional 4/3 control valve


Extra valve for accumulating grippers. 6/2 directional valve controlled with an electricalápress button. You can use the same valve for EV38 grapple and accumulating grippers. When the button is pressed, oil is guided to the grippers.

╗ Technical information on the accessories